About - Richard Hurrell

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my photography website.

I am a photographer who focuses on wildlife and landscapes. I live in London, UK and spend a proportion of every year travelling in search of wildlife and wild places to photograph and share my passion of the world's natural wonders through the images I take.

I started taking photographs at a young age using my father's Canon film camera and processing black and white film in my parent's kitchen, turning the kitchen into a dark room and hanging up pictures between walls.

Only ten years ago did I move to digital Canon cameras. I always have full frame and crop sensor camera bodies in my kit bag paired with Canon L series lenses from big primes to wide angle.

My travels have taken me all over the world and I particularly like taking photographs of big cats (and small cats). One of my ambitions is to see and photograph all of the big cat species and since managing to photograph the elusive and endangered Snow Leopard in the Indian Himalayas, I should be able to do this.

Thank you again for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my photographs and visit again soon to see those from my latest travels. I will post some photographs here in my portfolio and a selection will go on my Flickr page, just click on the Flickr icon at the bottom of this page.

If you see a photograph you particularly like, please know that all posted on this site are available for sale. I have many more pictures in my library so if you're looking for something in particular then please feel free to contact me.

Please also use the contact page to ask me any questions that you may have and for commission enquiries.

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